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Travel to Turkey, and you will notice its unique appeal, making it a diamond in the rough for traveling. The Turkish people are open and friendly, while the countryside and shores in Turkey boast some of the most impressive Greek and Roman ruins in the world. The Turkish coastline is interspersed with isolated coves where you can relax on breathtaking beaches all the while enjoying dinners of unprecedented pleasure throughout the land.

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Turkey has much to offer its visitors as there are many different diverse regions and cultures to explore. To take in the whole country, a tour of Turkey or a rental car may be a good idea. If you've decided to stay in one of the regions, such as Istanbul, the Aegean or Ionia coasts or Cappadoccia, we offer a wide range of villas throughout Turkey for you to choose from.

Istanbul, Turkey
For many centuries the capital of the civilised world, Istanbul remains the heartbeat of Turkey. It's a well-worn but still glorious metropolis with about 12 million residents, an impressive setting straddling Europe and Asia, and an unchallenged place in the country's history, folklore, commerce and culture. Although it's packed, pungent and polluted, the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Black and Marmara Seas, and the Golden Horn, a freshwater estuary, help to maintain a sense of openness and space. For several thousand years before the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge in 1973, the only way to go between the European and Asian parts of the city was by boat
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South West Coast, Turkey
Stretching from Izmir to Antalya
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