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Services we offer:

. Country and city homes and villas in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, The UK, Ireland, Malta and Turkey
. Apartments in Paris, the Cote d'Azur, Aquitaine, London, Rome, Florence, Siena and Venice
. Car leasing and rentals in Europe
. Rail reservations
. Barging in France, UK, Ireland for 1 to 12 persons
. Cooking schools in France, Italy and on barge trips
. Golf holidays in France
. Health and trip interruption insurance

Our experienced specialists will be happy to help you plan your vacation.

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A Home Away From Home

It all started with my eldest brother wanting to take a 'food' trip. Since spending the last few holidays on his BMW touring motorcycle, he was getting very tired of North American truck stop food, and was hungering for things decadent such as fois gras, confit de canard and some of the best wines in the world. These delights were holding a very strong allure to my gastronomically starved brother, so obviously France was our chosen destination...
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Northern Portugal... an undiscovered land
Rolling hills, sandy beaches, vineyards, stone terracotta villages and churches, make up Costa Verde and Montanhas, the two Northern regions of Portugal, an area that is completely undiscovered by the North American traveler...
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La Mia Avventura in Sicilia
Arriving in Castelmola with only the full moon as my witness, I stopped long enough to pick up the loaf of bread the baker promised would be hanging from the olive tree. Finally on my terrace under the laurel tree, I sat, savouring my freedom, the fragrant bread and some aromatic local wine, all enhanced by red moonlight over the distant Ionian Sea, a sultry African breeze, and the pungent smell of jasmine. I relaxed..
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Paris... a magical city, at anytime of year
It has been said that Paris, a series of delightful and rewarding explorations, is wonderful at any time of the year. It has everything - theatre, cinema, exhibits, restaurants.

Paris is the perfect introduction, or the grand finale to your France experience. It is magnificent on its own. Whatever you choose, spend as much time as you can in this fascinating city. Whether it is your first time or you are a returning visitor, you will find a city that is exciting and always changing. One can enjoy the many beautiful buildings, the museums, the theatres, strolls along the avenues, parks and gardens, or explore the culinary delights offered in the many cafes and bistros...
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