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City of Rome

Rome is a city that cannot be adequately described here. Rome has been the political heart of Italy for centuries and there are many good guides books, which are dedicated to this historical city and its museums.

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Roman Countryside

Tarquinia was founded by the Etruscans in approximately the 12th century BC. The local museum houses an excellent collection of Etruscan treasures. The same ticket, which grants you access to the museum allows you to visit the frescoed tombs where you can go on guided tours.

Cerveteri was founded by the Etruscans in approximately the 8th century BC. And was one of the most prosperous cities of its time. The main attractions of this town are the Etruscan necropolis, or tombs. You are able to wander freely once inside the enclosure where there are marked routs leading to the best persevered and interesting tombs.

Montecassino was founded by St. Benedictine in 529 and became the foundation of the Benedictine order, a center for learning, and one of the richest monasteries in Europe. The original church was destroyed in 1944 when the Abbey was a German stronghold that withstood the Allied advance for 3 months. A replica of the original church has been rebuilt, adjoined to which is a war cemetery commemoration the 30,000 soldiers killed in the siege.

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