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Italy straddles the middle of the Mediterranean, covering an area of 301,268 sq km (116,320 sq miles) it has a population of over 57 million. In the north, Italy is bordered by 4 countries; France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. For the purposes of this website we have divided the country into 15 regions; Tuscany, Liguria/Tuscan Sea, Umbria/Marches, Veneto, Lazio/Rome, Campania/Almalfi Coast/ Capri/ Ischia Islands, Sicily, Apulia, Sardegna, Emilia Romagna, Lake Maggiore, Calabria, Cooking Schools, Barges, Self Guided Tours.

Italy has been likened as a living art museum. One just has to stroll down the streets of Florence or Rome, or visit a small medieval hill top town, to come in contact with the countries rich historic past.

Italy has predominately a pleasant climate with a long hot summer and a mild winter, except for the northern mountain regions. For more climate information please see each region:

Tuscany, Italy
A land where art and nature mix in a perfect combination. It is the region of the great vineyards of Chianti and Montalcino, and the splendid cities, of Florence and Siena, which offer reminders of its rich historical past.
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Liguria/Tuscan Sea, Italy
The western coast is the continuation of the French Riviera with its lovely beaches stretching to Genoa. While to the east, hooking down to Pisa and Laverno, is more rugged and picturesque, with steep slopes rising from the sea interspersed with ports perched on the rocky shores.
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Umbria/Marches, Italy
These regions offer hidden treasures off the beaten path. Medieval towns of Assisi and Urbino have preserved their original mystical charms. The treasures of traditional meals are simple but packed full of flavour, using cured meats, cheeses and mushrooms and truffles.
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Veneto, Italy
The fertile plains of the Adriatic coast contain the fantastic historical cities of Verona and Venice as well as beautiful villas situated on rolling hills, all backed by the Dolomite mountains.
[Learn More About Veneto] [See Listings]

Lazio/Rome, Italy
Lazio is a region rich in natural beauty and is much more than the Eternal City of Rome. Each of the towns and cities of the region can boast of a full historical past of Roman and Etruscan sights and monuments throughout the region.
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Campania/Almalfi Coast/ Capri/ Ischia Islands, Italy
Campania and the islands of Capri, Ischia, Sicily and Sardinia all have an ancient history. The Greeks, the Saracens, the Romans, the Normans and the Spanish, have all occupied these regions at one time or another, leaving their signature mark on each. The local cuisine is based on fresh seafood and pizza all accompanied by light local wines.
[Learn More About Campania/Almalfi Coast/ Capri/ Ischia Islands] [See Listings]

Sicily, Italy
Sicily sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean has been occupied by a succession of invaders who have all left their mark on this island. Sicily is easy to reach either by ferry crossing the Strait of Messina from Reggio di Calabria to Messina, or by connector flights to Palarmo or Catania.
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Apulia, Italy

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Sardegna, Italy

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Emilia Romagna, Italy

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Lake Maggiore, Italy

[See Listings]

Calabria, Italy

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Cooking Schools, Italy

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Barges, Italy

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Self Guided Tours, Italy

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