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In Italy you can visit Roman ruins in Campania, explore medieval hill top towns, discover an old maritime force in Venice, study the art and architecture of the Renaissance. Or, participate in the traditional festivals, eat and drink unique foods and wines, and see more beautiful churches then one could think possible. And of course, don't forget Rome, Italy's capital. Italy has a special charm, which cannot be denied.

You can browse our listings by clicking on a region in the map above, or you can search our listings for all of Italy.

Our Italy accommodations range from cozy farmhouses to spacious holiday villas. No matter where you spend your perfect Italy vacation, we have a holiday rental right for you.

To immerse yourself in Italian culture, take an art or cooking lesson. You can also explore by yourself; rental cars in Italy are very affordable.

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If you are still unsure where you want to go, and want to learn more about the regions before you look at our listings, you can view our Italy Information Page and it's regions first.

Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany presents the perfect blend of art and nature. Tuscany is the region of great vineyards, splendid cities like Florence and Siena and many testaments of the region's rich history. Our Tuscany accommodations are designed to showcase the beauty of the area, from farmhouses to apartments in Florence and Tuscany villas. Please browse our listings to find an Italian vacation rental that fits your style.
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Liguria/Tuscan Sea, Italy
The western coast of Italy is the continuation of the French Riviera with its lovely beaches stretching to Genoa. While to the east, hooking down to Pisa and Laverno, is more rugged and picturesque, with steep slopes rising from the sea interspersed with ports perched on the rocky shores. Our vacation rental properties include the best in Liguria lodging, such as 16th century villas and charming farmhouses. Please browse our listings for Italian accommodations of your dreams.
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Umbria/Marches, Italy
Explore picturesque Italian hilltops in Perugia, treat yourself to a wine tasting in Orvieto or discover the medieval town Assisi. With so many attractions and landmarks, your only question in Umbria will be where to go. But no matter where your adventures take you, you can always return to a vacation rental home or Italy villa that helps you relax. Please browse our listings to find something for your tastes.
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Veneto, Italy
Home to the splendid cities of Venice and Verona, Veneto boasts beautiful Italian villas and historical sites. Known to many as the place where Romeo and Juliet fall in love, Veneto is a romantic's paradise in Italy. If you're enjoying a honeymoon or just a vacation in Italy, stop by the region and rent a spacious villa or a cozy farmhouse. Please browse our listings to find the vacation rental property of your dreams.
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Lazio/Rome, Italy
A Rome vacation will give you a taste of the paradise known as Italy. Rome has been the center of Italy for centuries, and its rich historical past makes for a fascinating journey. The surrounding countryside in the region of Lazio offers its own landmarks, from museums to tombs to monasteries. For the best in Rome lodging, please browse our listings. We're confident that you'll find a vacation rental home or a villa in italy that will exceed your expectations.
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Campania/Almalfi Coast/ Capri/ Ischia Islands, Italy
Campania and the islands of Capri and Ischia all have an ancient history. Not only did this history leave incredible landmarks, but it also influenced the local cuisine, which is nothing short of astonishing. When visiting the region, you'll enjoy staying in one of our vacation rental houses, villas or apartments.
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Sicily, Italy
Sicily sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean has been occupied by a succession of invaders who have all left their mark on this island. Sicily is easy to reach either by ferry crossing the Strait of Messina from Reggio di Calabria to Messina, or by connector flights to Palarmo or Catania.
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Apulia, Italy
This region is located on the "heal" of the Italian boot. The region has distinctive architecture and wonderful beaches
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Sardegna, Italy
The second largest island in the Mediterranean Sardinia is an island with a weath of beauty from the rugged interior to the sea-side beaches.
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Emilia Romagna, Italy
The Central Region of Italy with easy access to Milan, Balogna and Florence
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Lake Maggiore, Italy
Lake Maggiore, in the North eastern part of Italy's Lombardy region, is a long expanse of water within the alpine mountains. the gently sloping shores are dotted with camellias, azaleas and verbena vegitation is a romanic warm atmosphere
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Calabria, Italy

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Cooking Schools, Italy
3 charming coking schools in the different regions of Italy to choose from
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Barges, Italy
All inclusive Barges on the Waterways of Italy
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Self Guided Tours, Italy
Self Guided Itineraries to be done either by train or by car. Staying in either short term apartment rentals or in hotels, these tours offer you detailed routes and itineraries of sites to see and do as you travel through the cities and countryside. The Tours offer 8 day 7 night itineraries, but they can be shortened or lengthened, depending on your interests and flights
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