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Great Britain
- Great Britain Vacations -
A former superpower, Great Britain includes England, Scotland and Wales. When you travel to Great Britain, you will embark on a journey full of history, culture and adventure. From countryside to industrial cities, historical towns and, of course, London, Great Britain has something for everyone.

You can browse our listings by clicking on a region in the map above, or you can search our listings for all of Great Britain.

UK vacations can seem overwhelming, with so much to see in England, Scotland and Wales. If you're looking for a way to travel to England and see as much as possible, consider taking a tour. Whether it's an overall England tour, a tour of London or even a Scotland tour, you are sure to experience most of what this country has to offer. If you're in need of a rental car in England, we can help.

Our wide selection of UK accommodations include London apartment rentals, castles in England and Scotland, farmhouses and many other vacation rental properties to suit your tastes. Please browse our listings to find the right vacation rental home for you.

England, Great Britain
At one stage of history this small island ruled half the world’s population. In terms of size it is only 240,000 sq km, but when one starts to explore the countries rich historical past and the different cities and towns the country seems to grow exponentially
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Scotland, Great Britain
Despite being official joined to England in 1707, Scotland has maintained an independent national identity
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Barges of Britain and Scotland, Great Britain
All inclusive barges on the waterways of Scotland and Britain
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