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- info - Languedoc-Roussillon -

Pont du Gard is the second most visited sight in France after Mont St. Michel in the north. It is the grandest part of an aqueduct built in 40 AD, and was in use for approximately 500 years, carrying water along a 50 km (31 mile) route from Uzes to Nimes. There are three levels of arcades for a total height of 48m (157.4 ft.) and 240 m. (900 ft) long spanning the river Gardon. Nimes, an important crossroads in the ancient world, is well known for its Roman antiquities. The highlights are; the Amphitheater, which is still used for bull fights in the summer months; Porte Augustus, the Roman gate leading to the old city; and Maison Carree, or the "Square House", one of the best preserved Roman temples in the world and now holding art exhibitions. Also not to be missed is the Jardin de le Fontaine, one of the first public gardens to be built in France in the 18th century.

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Sete is a seaport, with 15 km (9.5 miles) of unspoiled sand beaches stretching southwards.

Carcassonne is a perfectly restored medieval town which was at its height in the 12th century, it fell into decline in the 17th century when "modern" warfare made its fortifications obsolete. In the1850's Carcassonne was restored to is ancient glory and is now one of the more popular tourist attractions in France.

Canal du Midi, linking Sete to Toulouse is a complex system of locks, aqueducts and bridges built in the 17th century and is an excellent place to go HOLIDAY BARGING.

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Climate - hot and dry summers average 28 deg C, spring and autumn are mild and sunny average temp 24 deg C, winter average temp 14 deg C.

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