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- info - Burgundy -
Dijon is the capital of the Burgundy region. At its height in the 13th century the Duchy of Burgundy included Flanders and parts of Holland. As a result the Musee des Beau Arts has a fantastic collection of Dutch and Flemish masters works. The old merchants quarter has cobbled streets and medieval timber framed houses, many of which have some fine wooden carvings on their facades.

Beaune is the center of the Burgundy wine region. The old center, which is enclosed within ramparts, holds the Hotel- Dieu, Hospices de Beaune where its multi-coloured glazed roof tiles, iron works, and gabled dormers make this more a wealthy mans house then a place for the poor. On the third weekend of November there is Les Trois Glorieuses, an annual festival, culminating in a charity wine auction held at the Hotel-Dieu, which sells the wine of the wineries owned by the hospice.

Abbaye de Fontenay, a Cistercian monastery was designed by one of the great spiritual leaders of the 12th century, St Bernard. The Abbaye was designed to provide a harmonious setting for the monastic life of peace and meditation. It is the architectural expression of the spirit of the Cistercian philosophy.

Macon is the heart of the Beaujolais wine district and is worth a visit to the numerous private wine houses in the district.

On the road to Provence is the city of Lyon. Lyon is France's second largest city. It first came into prominence as the commercial and military capital of the Roman Provence of Gaul in the 1st century BC. The old quarter, Vieux Lyons, is a place not to be missed with its cobbled streets, traboules (covered passageways connecting houses and gardens together) and first class restaurants and bouchons (bistro's). Also in the old quarter is the Musse de la Civilisation Gallo-Romaine, with a large collection of Roman statues, mosaics and inscriptions. In the 16th century Lyon was the heart of the silk industry and there are two museums dedicated to this art. The Musee des Tissus, which exhibits a fine collection of Lyon silk, and the Maison des Canuts, where you can see a traditional silk loom in operation.

Also in Lyon is the Musee des Beaux Arts which houses the largest and most important collections of art, after the Louvre in Paris.

Climate - A continental climate, cool in the winter and hot in the summer. During the winter the average temp is 7 deg C, Summer climbs to a average high of 26 deg C, while the spring and fall have an average temp if 19 deg C.

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