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- info - Brittany/Normandy -

Rennes was founded originally by the Gauls and is now the capital of Brittany. The old quarter of Rennes is composed of medieval houses of timber frames, protruding upper floors and sculptured decorations, which makes walking through the old quarter a rewarding experience.

Mont St. Michel located on the boarder of Normandy and Brittany it is the most visited sight in all of France.

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The D-Day Landing Normany Beaches On June 6, 1944 the Allied troops came ashore to start the liberation of German occupied France. There are associated memorials and museums along the coast mapping the history of the invasion. The tour of the sights makes for a moving experience.

Bayeux was the first French town to be liberated by the allies in WWII, but what the town is predominately known for is the "Bayeux Tapestry" a 70 m (230 ft) long embroidered wall hanging commissioned in the11th century depicting the life and conquest of England by William the Conqueror.

Honfleur is one of the most picturesque ports in France and became a popular place for painting by the impressionists. Honfleur also was a major port for exploration of the new world. In 1608 Samuel de Champlain started his voyage from here in founding the Canadian city of Quebec, and in 1681 La Salle started his voyage from here to travel down the Mississippi, and claim the territory Louisiana for his king Louis XIV. Rouen was built at the lowest bridging point on the River Seine, and is most noted for two things. It is the location of where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in 1431, and for the Gothic Cathedral Notre-Dame, whose western fa├žade was made famous by a series of paintings by Monet.

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Climate - Average temp in spring and fall 16 deg C, Summer average temp 22 deg C, winter average temp 8 deg C.

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