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We offer competitive auto rental rates so when you arrive in Europe you are able to have the car of your choice waiting for you. A rental car in Britain, France, Italy or another European country may be one of the best ways to explore or just enjoy the freedom of going anywhere you'd like.
  • Europeans have more fuel-efficient cars
  • Smaller size, mainly for ease of parking and fuel conservation
  • Italy the car rental rate has full insurance included. - You are not able to put the insurance on your GOLD credit card.
  • Automatic cars are in short supply in Europe thus their rental rates tend to be almost double the rates of standard cars.
Click here to book a car for your trip to Europe.

Car Sizes

  • 3 door hatch-back
  • 2 adults
  • 3 pieces of luggage

  • Compact
  • 5 door hatch-back
  • 2 adults/2 children
  • 3 pieces of luggage

  • Midsize
  • 4 door with trunk
  • 4 adults- 2 adults/3 children
  • 4 pieces of luggage

  • Fullsize
  • 4 door with trunk
  • 4 adults- 2 adults/3 children
  • 4 pieces of luggage

  • (often same size as midsize with a larger engine)

    Station wagon
  • 4 adults- 2 adults/3 children
  • 5 pieces of luggage

  • train tickets

    Through Rail Europe we are able to provide you with train tickets to get you closer to your property once you arrive in Europe. We offer EURORAIL passes as well as individual tickets. Tickets can be purchased at anytime but seat reservation can only be booked 2 months prior to departure. Seat reservation must be made for all High Speed Trains and many local trains.

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